Ever been tempted to not make a New Years resolution because you’ve never been able to keep the ones you’ve made in the past? Maybe you gave up making them a long time ago. While the beginning of a New Year is a great time to commit to new challenges and goals, there are some things to consider that can make or break your chances of success.

Don’t wait till late! Put some thought into your New Year resolution, don’t make it up on the run, like on New Years Eve! Better to have a well thought through resolution that you start in February or March then a useless one you start on January 1st.

Make it doable. If you’re too ambitious, you may find yourself unable to follow through on your resolution. A goal has to be realistic. If your goal is to have enough money by the end of the year to buy an investment property with 100% cash down or lose 50kg in two weeks when you’ve battled with losing weight for years, then you might need  to revise your goal to make it more attainable. Making resolutions that are too hard too keep are one of the main reasons people give up on them.

Plan to win. You’ve heard the saying, people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. Having a plan to make your New Year resolution a reality is imperative. It’s no use saying you’re going to lose x amount of kilos in six months if you don’t have a method for doing it. Look at the end result of what you want to achieve and work backwards to plan how you’re going to get there.

Put a ruler to it. The more you’re able to measure your progress, the better. If your plan is to reduce your smoking habit to 10 cigarettes a day in 2 months and 5 cigarettes a day in 4 months, that’s something you can keep track of. The more measurable your goal is, the easier it is to track your progress and also to stay motivated.

Share the know. Letting others know about your goals is a good motivator. When others are aware of your resolutions, you feel more accountable to follow through because you know others will be watching you!

Be ready to blow it! One thing’s for sure, on your journey to reach your goal, you’re bound to blow it at least once. A lot of people expect perfection, and when they don’t achieve it, they give up! We’re only human and it’s natural  that we are going to fail sometimes.

The most important thing is not to give up. Remember, they say it takes a least 21 days of doing a new activity consistently for it to become a habit.  If you feel you can’t take the journey alone, enlist the help of a friend to be your buddy, or better still, hire a Life Coach to help you on your path to success. Here’s to a new you in 2012!





















About David Mazzotti

David Mazzotti is a certified Life Coach and owner of Brighter Path. He is a "Life Transition Specialist" helping people navigate life transitions to create a life for themselves that is fulfilling, meaningful and fun