dripping tapThe tap in our main bathroom has been dripping for weeks! Every time I’ve been in there, I’ve said to myself, “I’ve got to change those washers!” Well, I finally got round to it this weekend, only to find it wasn’t that simple. The tap had to be re-seated as it had a score mark, which meant several hours of grinding. As it was , I couldn’t get it smooth again and it may require a plumber to fix. So something that should have taken a few minutes to fix, ended up becoming more complex because I didn’t get on to it right away as I should have.

That is very similar to many situations we face everyday. There are things we put off for whatever reason and in the end, the problem only worsens until we are forced to deal with it and find a solution, which often is more expensive and time consuming than it would have been if we had taken care of it earlier! And I’m not just talking about home maintenance issues either!

How many serious health problems could be avoided by being pro-active? I lost a close friend last year to bowel cancer. Though in his mid-50’s, he had not been having regular health checks. He had been passing blood a year before his death but hadn’t been quick to seek medical advice.

How many divorces could have been avoided   by couples dealing with issues before they got out of hand? They let things escalate to the point of no return and became casualties of the ever increasing divorce rate.

How many people could have successful, fulfilling careers if they had been brave enough to follow their intuition and had the confidence to step out and do something different? Many people put up with less than satisfactory conditions in their life. They feel they’re not good enough or not worthy enough to have something better. They may feel that the obstacles before them are insurmountable or they don’t have what it takes to improve their lot in life so they settle for second best.

That doesn’t have to be the case. Each one of us has unlimited capacity to create the future of our choice. Our own perceptions of what we are capable of are the only things that limit us. What things will you do today to take you a step in the direction of where your heart is leading you. Make a mental picture of what you want to achieve and fix it in your mind. Visualize that as your reality and then start to make plans of how you are going to achieve that vision.

Your journey to a brighter future starts by saying yes to what your heart is telling you to do. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step!




About David Mazzotti

David Mazzotti is a certified Life Coach and owner of Brighter Path. He is a "Life Transition Specialist" helping people navigate life transitions to create a life for themselves that is fulfilling, meaningful and fun