I gained insight into methodologies to complement me on my pathway to success.

Peter Horwood, Captivate on Hold
Hi David,

Thank you for the two Total Focus sessions which I found beneficial. I listened carefully and the main point I have taken on reflection from your sessions, is that by giving to others, be it time or service above self; is that this will in fact lead to my own life being fulfilled in numerous positive ways. The self reward will not actually be my motive, but the action of giving to others and service above self, will be my 90 day challenge. I will start my 90 day plan in earnest next week both at home and at work. I made a start this weekend and feel great. There will be measurable aims in my 90 day plan and I will articulate them.

Cliff Coulson-Bonner
What I gained the most from attending your workshop was discovering the tools and empowerment within and learning about the power of belief, law of thought and language. This will change my life, thank you!

Jamie-Lee Foster, CBRE
From your workshop I gained a sense that there is a definite path to achieve my goals. They don't need to remain as dreams, I can develop the path and travel it with the tools you taught.

Nathan Tetlaw
I have gained the confidence to realise what goals are my own. Also very much enjoyed the Mind Mastery session and will begin to employ these techniques in my life, whilst continuing to develop my knowledge in this area.

Kristie Tozer
I managed to accept and assess myself and my qualities, positives and negatives, along with my own goals from attending the workshop. I feel like I now have clarity.

Sophie Crookshanks
At the Total Focus workshop, I gained new thoughts on how to change the way I act and achieve my goals. I am excited to get started at visualising my future.

Scott Langley
Ray White North Quays
From attending your Total Focus program, I gained knowledge of how to set goals, highlighting strengths and weaknesses to change mindset and negative thoughts. Thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you.

Catherine Webb
I have gained an acceptance of myself and my own abilities and power to be able to change what I feel I'm lacking within. Identifying my weaknesses and negative moments that inhibit me from positive thinking. I'm very pleased with myself for attending your Total Focus workshop.

Andrea Van Bekkem
I have known David Mazzotti for the past 2 years as I needed Life Coaching. I must say he has helped me to get back on the right track with my goals and as to where I should be heading in life.I found David very professional and enthusiastic with the private teaching that he demonstrated to me. He is certainly a good reliable person to put anyone good advice life goals. - Albert Kramer, principal at Kramer & Kramer Real Estate

Albert Kramer