Hi David! Thanks for helping me to straighten my path, without your starting point I may still be stuck with my life wasting every opportunity that may lead to a brighter future..so I truly appreciate your time and effort in coaching me.

Sue Vong
David, through the sessions I had with you, I learnt things about myself I didn't know before and you also helped me to look at things outside the box.

David, thank you for the coaching, it helped open my mind to possibilities I hadn't considered before

Lili Long
I would like to say a big thankyou to David at Brighter Path. David’s classes and ongoing support were extremely instrumental in myself being able to reset my company goals, and make a structured plan for the growth of the business. The Total Focus workshop also enabled me to take stock of my personal health and fitness regime, and actually enabled me to get fitter.

Wayne Mercer-Operations Manager, Steel Cap Recruitment
David was recommended to me as part of my recovery from a severe head injury in 2013. Both David and Vicki (the psychologist who recommended David) have played major roles in helping me rebuild my self-confidence and self-esteem as my brain slowly heals.

David has a straightforward style of coaching that I would describe with one word - warmth. He provides simple and effective mentoring that is an enjoyable progression from clinical psychotherapy. I can finally say the hard grind of my recovery is over and I enjoy recommending David to others.

Alex Eves
From attending the Total Focus program, I have greater clarity of purpose. I have been able to articulate goals and have started steps towards achieving them. It's given me a lot to think about and get on with.

Fiona Callander from PenningtonScott
Attending David's Total Focus workshop helped me in being able to gain self confidence in what I do and choosing life's choices. It allowed me to see and believe in myself from the perspective of others as well as my own. How to deal with negativity, self doubt and anything to do with or related to red flags.

Diffa Hesti-Aprire2Wealth
Over the past 12 months I have worked with David in a one on one coaching role. I decided I needed more motivation and guidance after attending one of David’s YB2 short courses in 2017.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of becoming comfortable, which can lead to a downturn in productivity and an overall feeling of flatness. I knew I had to do something and David’s one on one coaching was the perfect vehicle to get me back on track in my capacity as an insurance salesperson.

I was always a bit of a sceptic but I found the one hour monthly sessions were actually working to motivate me, just to have the banter from a very positive person linked with the YB2 content over the year, really lifted me and I would not hesitate to recommend David to anyone who needs to find that spark again, I certainly did, thank you David!

Richard Thomlinson - Aviso Insurance
It has been an absolute pleasure working with you! I greatly benefited from having you coach me through the steps to help me reach my potential. You helped me become aware of obstacles that prevented me from achieving goals and taught me how to make conscious and sensible decisions to overcome these obstacles. That has helped me to reach more of my potential. Having you coach me over the past year with setting realistic and achievable goals has helped me to become a higher achieving and happier person. You are very tuned in and good at what you do, and I look forward to working with you again soon.

Kirsten Harris
What I gained from attending your workshop was motivation, hope and excitement for a better future for me. Positive self talk tools and the ability to identify negative thoughts and speech. No more red flags, green flags only! Thank you!

Kylie Cieslik, Captivate On Hold