“Simply-I’ve been inspired to make changes in my life that I’ve always needed to make” – Darren Evans, Senior Project Manager @ Rowe Group

“I found David to be very engaging with high energy and enthusiasm. Learning to set realistic goals with an action plan was the highlight. I am also very keen to learn more about mind mastery” – Kristie Tozer, Aspire2Wealth

“A very motivating start to the day. David has already got me thinking about the big goals I can achieve with the right action plan” – Evan Retallach, National Sales Manager-Ecopallets

“David is a brilliant, energetic speaker who clearly emphasises focus and the need for strategy”-Boyd Fraser, Sales Director at Acton Fremantle

“Clear, concise message that resonated well with our team and set a great platform for the start of 2020” – Adrian Abel, Abel Properties

“Thank you David, really insightful content” – Suzanne Brown, director at RentWest

“David gave us a positive and clear seminar on highlighting the things that hold us up in our business. As the owner, I am now inspired to put some plans into place” – Barry Bloomfield, Managing Director of Earthtrak

“I’ve realised from the talk that the failure cycle is like a habit to me. I keep going around and around and not achieving anything. Time to change!!!!” – Leanne Bloomfield

“Knowledge and understanding of failure. What drives failure and ways to overcome this. Very informative and well worth my time. Thanks” – Brenton Newnham, Patersons Securities Ltd.

“Enjoyed gaining an understanding on the importance of forward thinking and how much time we work living in the past. Very interesting seminar, thank you.” – Timothy Gregg, Patersons Securities Ltd.

“It gave me a great insight in how to achieve more both professionally and personally” – Lin Cheong, Project Manager at R-Group Intl

“Amazing Presenter! Enjoy the presentation and I feel that I have gained some important values from it. Thank you for your time” – Yuri Arari, Cyber Real Estate

“Great presentation from David, very eye opening and informative, cheers” -David Kirkbridge, Celsius Property

“Great introduction to achieving more from life, thanks David” – Travis Mckenzie, Celsius Property

“Reminder of past training plus new information. Well presented in an easy to digest style.” – Nantha Lingam, Franchise Manager, Bartercard Perth

“A timely reminder to the benefits of conscious mindfulness and the poison of procrastination” – Simon McGrath, Abel McGrath Real Estate

David helped me to realise where I had self limiting beliefs all the way back from school days. This has already made a change” – Phill Filing, principal of Aussie Home Loans Currambine

“Positive and inspiring, practical and thought provoking” –  Sheldon Ingham, director at Property Focus WA

“Very Inpirational! Helped me have a good think regarding my goals for 2018. Great presentation!” Ev, Voyage Wealth

“Really enjoyed the session. The failure cycle rang very true to me. Great presentation” – Melissa Ode, Rixon Group

“I have gained some valuable insights about my thought processes , not to stay stuck in the past and move toward and create the life I want with positivity not self doubt” – Mona, IMA Financial Services

“I found the presentation very motivational and useful. I will certainly attend the program to achieve one of my goals postponed for years” -Milad Najafdoust, Pertitus Group

The cycle of failure and how it’s easy to go through the cycle repeatedly without stepping away and thinking about what you’re doing” – James Filing, principal of Aussie Home Loans Joondalup

An insight as to what I need to do to keep moving forward” – Andy McIntyre, principal of Nook Property

Outside view into the things we think on every day. Definitely worth listening to and have gained a couple of ideas on how to focus or task better” Alberto Ferraro, managing director, Permacast

Related well to the procrastination part and feel I have a better understanding of what I need to change to achieve my goals” David Bartlett, Permacast
Focus on how to bust through old thought patterns. Great to hear how David presents the bigger picture” – Kali Balint, Indigenous Consulting Group

Terrific speed and energy from David. Good models with the visual tools, also the homework idea” – James Sutherland Office Solutions IT

“Very valuable, going to go home and take a good look at my current situation and put a strategy in place to get to my desired outcome. Thank you for your time.”
– Helena Williams, Sell, Lease, Property

“Excellent points, took a lot out of the seminar which I intend to implement & action in not just my work life, but my personal life also”
Courtney Reid – Bazzo Realty

“Really like the part about the avoidance reasons and the mind mastery. Great presentation!”
Tonya McDonnell – Bazzo Realty

“David was very informative and passionate on the topic, well presented” – Irena Brown, PM at Acton Fremantle

“Procrastination is such an obstacle in our everyday. Thanks for providing a brief insight on how to manage it” – Nikki Neville, LoansWA

“Spoke about very relatable topics and informative ways to combat them” – Sofia Locantro, LoansWA

“I have gained on how to set a vision and visualise it. A very good improvement in my career” – Matilda Mehta, Sanctuary Real Estate

“That what causes procrastination is more mind related than I realised. This seminar has made me feel more open about trying to change my negative past thoughts into more positive and in the future” – Zoe Russell, Takor Group

“A unique approach to re-centering methods for unleashing more self mastery” – Vlado Kukulj, Xceed Real Estate

I enjoyed learning about the cycle of failure and how procrastination is a key part of this and how to stop procrastinating – very interesting – Carolyn Alexander, team leader at Flight Centre Livingston

I feel motivated and focused. I feel I have gained the tools to instigate initial change to make me more successful. Very reflective – Emma Jones, Professional Search Group

I liked the visual discussion about training thoughts. Well presented and uplifting, thank you – Ryan Rudden, Professional Search Group

An introduction on how our mind can be very powerful and an insight on how to change our way of thinking – Lauren Fleijchli, Flight Centre Mundaring

I have a lot of goals , but no real action plans . This seminar has made me realise , I really am in control of my own future and without making a plan to get where I want to be, I won’t achieve my goals – Rachel, Flight Centre Kingsgate

Thanks heaps for this morning. It’s great to hear it put out there why it is people do the things they do when working towards a goal – Jacinta, Flight Centre Kwinana

I’ve acknowledged that I’m a bad procrastinator but now have clear things to change myself in order to change that – Annabel , Flight Centre Warnbro

Exciting new course to help change your thinking & action – Shaun Robertson, Flight Centre Mt. Lawley

Made me re-think my thinking to focus positively not negatively – Annette Rolt, principal , AQWASUN realty

Revisiting what I have seen and learned so many times before – and bringing it back into my focus. Master of my own destiny – Shane Donsborough, First National Armadale

“It’s all in the mind, “What you think is what you get” Great introduction to what is holding me back” – Mayank Pankhania, Amani Group

“A clear direction on how to achieve what I want in life” – John Green, Project Director at National Lifestyle Villages

“It was all very real” – John Lamacchia, licensee at Preston Real Estate

“Very positive ideas, used a few myself already. Thanks for the talk” – sales rep, St. Ives Realty

“A timely reminder to plan for success” – Alan Draper, GM at St. Ives Realty

“Very informative and knowledgeable. Learned a lot about motivation, focus and the failure cycle. Also about living in the present and the actions that need to be taken to succeed.” – Kim, Looks Divine

“Everything said rings so true” – Desiree Miulenburg, PFR

“Procrastination is real and does impact on my ability to deliver desired outcomes. Very thought provoking” – Chris Harrigan, Icon Engineering

“Energised and inspired about re-assessing my goals, vision and what I want out of life” – April Dawson, Hassell

“Refreshed the concepts of what I have been aware of for many years. Good to re-inforce”-Mike Graebner, principal of Senior’s Real Estate

“Opened my mind in a number of ways which could help me in the future” Ben, Tascone Design Team

“Very well condensed without losing the core message. I loved more that there wasn’t a 10 minute focus on pricing. Very engaging, very well presented” – Carina Porter, Broad Finance

“Encouragement that it is possible to achieve more and procrastinate less by adopting quite simple, new processes” – Tom Dukovcic, Director of Exploration @ Lepidico

“Great reinforcement of goal setting, power of thoughts and the process to succeeding at goals” – Murray Wellington, Wellington Barber

“Enthusiastic talk on how to change thinking and mindset” – Lance Smith, Senior Architect, Duomark

“Outside view into the things we think on everyday. Definitely worth listening to and have gained a couple of idea’s on how to focus better” – Albert Ferraro, Managing Director of Perma Seal

“Related well to the procrastination part and feel I have a better understanding of what I need to change to achieve my goals” – David Barrett, Perma Seal

“How relevant the failure cycle is and its prevalence in my life. The understanding of this cycle will hopefully help me break it” – Josh Lauren, Empire Insurance Group

“Awareness of procrastination I have been experiencing over the years that I do not want in my life” – Phoebe Woodman, Carbon Group

“Importance of having and implementing an action plan, not focusing on past thoughts and teaching your mind” – Vanessa Van Beek, Neptune Marine Services

“Great presentation on failure and how not to procrastinate. Great insight into tools to focus on goals and remain realistic of goals” – Kaval Pannh, JSDI Engineers

“It made me realise that I have lost my focus, especially in my personal life and has motivated me to learn more and make changes” – Kathryn Buck, ChoiceOne Recruitment


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