The Lead Up

Hi there! I’m David Mazzotti, a credentialed Life Coach , NLP practitioner and the face behind Brighter Path.

I’m passionate about helping people be all they can be, and I do it well, if I must say so myself. (though my clients do as well, read my testimonials! )

If you’ve read my home page, you’ll already be aware that I spent a good chunk of my adult life in a cult.

You may instinctively feel that was a negative experience

I don’t

My philosophy is that every experience we have in life happens to teach us something. And I learned heaps!

My other life experiences include living in India for six years and raising six beautiful children. (Yes all mine!). And for those cynics, yes, we had a TV but just had better things to do!

It’s now been a number of years since I left the cult. Over that time, I’ve re-invented myself, tossed out things I don’t want to believe anymore and adopted ones I do.

And now….

I’ve created a fulfilling life for myself and love helping others do the same

My kids are all adults and I’m now a grandad.

Though my ex-wife and I are no longer together we remain best friends.

When I’m not coaching and speaking I ;

    Bash the skins for a local rock band
    Love busting out some ballroom dancing moves
    Take Italian classes
    Hang out with my new partner and kids
    Volunteer as a Scout leader
    Mountain bike

…. and just generally have a good time

How about you?