The Lead Up

Accredited Life Coach, David Mazzotti, is the face behind Brighter Path. He is passionate about helping people be all they can be, and he does it well. He spent several decades in service to others through a career in social work which took him overseas including six years in India. Throughout a varied and colourful range of experiences David wore many hats; Managing teams, fundraising, counselling, establishing and running projects which meant being very hands on ( sometimes his hands being the only ones available! ).

It was this rich and diverse experience of rubbing shoulders with both the rich and the poor, and working and living with people  from over a dozen different nationalities, that gave him an insight into the human psyche, and a desire to understand what makes people do what they do and how they end where they are.

Upon returning to Australia, David knew he needed a change. After running his own business for a short period of time, he discovered Life Coaching. He knew this was the step up he was looking for. An opportunity to help people, but in a different way. Working with those who are ready to get to another level. Some motivation is there, some idea of what they want and what they need to do, but they require someone who will give them the boost they need to get there, a coach.

And now

David is an Accredited Life Coach specialising in productivity and performance. He is a member of The International Coaching Federation (ICF), an NLP Practitioner and keynote speaker. He is about helping people move beyond procrastination into the future they desire by assisting them with the following;

  • Gaining clarity on they where they want to go
  • How they’re going to get there
  • Who they need to become to arrive there

He walks the talk by constantly challenging himself and living a full and varied life. He is the father of six children,  and two grandchildren. He is currently traversing the 1060km Munda Biddi mountain bike trail in WA, is a Silver level ballroom dancer, learning Italian, is a Scout leader, and a member of Toastmasters International where he mentors people with their public speaking skills.