Hi there Fellow Traveller!

 Just to be sure you’ve landed in the right place, see if any of the following ring true for you;
  • You’ve recently been questioning what your life purpose is
  • You know you’re capable of more but are feeling stuck
  • Your job doesn’t satisfy you like it used to
  • You’d like to be doing something that is making more of a contribution to society
  • You’re finding it hard to stay focused and motivated
  • You lack direction and purpose
If so read on and let me tell you a bit about my story;

I spent the first 20yrs of my adult life in a cult.

I bought into their belief system, their values, their way of life.

It was who I was

Then I left

… and had to start all over

That’s a challenge when there’s next to nothing to put on your resume, and you have a family of six kids and a wife to take care of!

Aside from survival though,  there was the question of self identity

Here I was after 20yrs of letting somebody tell me what to do and what to believe

Upon exiting, I had to totally reinvent myself

There was a lot I had to learn and unlearn

Thankfully, over time, I was able to do that.

Talk about career transition, does it get more challenging than that?

To add to the challenge, I went through a marriage breakup shortly after  that and became a single dad.

I am now a credentialed Life Coach who  combines a rich Learned Experience with the skills of my profession to help people navigate their own transitions

I firmly believe, if I can create a meaningful, fulfilling and enjoyable second half, so can you!

The road to the next chapter of your life starts here