Midlife should be meaningful and fun.

 Hi there Fellow Midlife Traveller!
 Just to be sure you’re in the right place, see if any of the following ring true for you;
  • Have you recently been questioning what your life purpose is?
  • Are you plagued with regret that you haven’t accomplished all you wanted to in your youth?
  • Do you find that you don’t get excited by the things that excited you in the past?
  • You’re discouraged by the physical decline of your body eg. wrinkles, greying or loss of hair,  deteriorating vision etc
  • You feel your career doesn’t satisfy you anymore
  • You have an awareness of your peak years passing and your body slowing down
  • Are you lacking direction and purpose?
If you answered yes to any of the above, welcome, you’re going through a midlife transition and you’re in the right place! Various things can bring us there, often an external change to our lives such as the end of a long term relationship , a health scare, becoming aware of our own mortality as we enter midlife, a major change in career such as becoming redundant. Other times though, for no apparent reason, we start to feel different, like a change is needed.
I’ve navigated through two major life transitions so I know what it’s like. I use those experiences combined with my skills as an accredited Life Coach to help others navigate theirs successfully.  I’m all about helping moving from the apprehension and trepidation through to the other side, feeling confident and even excited for all the future holds.
The road to the next chapter of your life starts here