Frequently Asked Questions

What takes place in a coaching session?

A coaching session can be done either face to face or over the phone/Skype or a combination of both. We set an agenda together and set goals to achieve that agenda. As your coach I will be 100% committed to you and expect my clients to have the same committment in achieving their goals. Together we will explore issues you are facing and ways to overcome obstacles. I will be considerate, respectful, encouraging and non-judgemental. I will not give advice and will not compel you to take any action that you do not feel comfortable with. i.e. I will not make your decisions for you.

How can I know what we discuss will remain confidential?

As certified Life Coach, I am bound to keep what is discussed in coaching sessions completely confidential. Barring a situtation where somebody’s life is at stake, I will not divulge what we discuss with anyone else without your consent. A confidentiality clause is part of the coaching agreement that I and my clients agree to and sign before commencement of coaching.

What does Life Coaching cost?

The first session is always free. Then after that, depending on what the coaching requirement is, there are a variety of options available, all reasonably priced.  Go to the contact page for more information

David does his in-house presentation for businesses for free, what’s the catch?

At the end of David’s talk, he invites participants to attend a workshop he runs called Total Focus. However, just from hearing the free talk alone, we have found people get a lot of benefit and great tips on how to be more productive and successful. Also, if any staff elect to attend the workshop, the expectation is that they will cover their own cost to attend, and the workshop is run after hours. That way, there is no imposition on your company whatsoever, it’s quite a win-win arrangement!